Laptops in Malawi

In 2012 Simon Cleary and Clare Ridler started a charity called Malaptop in Stirling, Scotland. They work to collect old unwanted computers from Scotland, they then refurbish them and install a new Linux operating system on their computers. They then send them out to Malawi where they are put to great use in underequipped school. This is practically exactly what Turing Trust are doing apart from that our destination community is schools in Ghana. So when they heard of the Turing Trust, Simon and Clare got hold of us and we started working together to help bring many more hundreds of beneficial computers to Africa.

Our new found connection has led to some great opportunities for collaboration, sharing of ideas and working together. The Turing Trust are now even sharing collection points, meaning Malaptop donations can be dropped off or sent to Turing Trust pick-up locations and vice versa, making things easier and more efficient for the both charities!

A member of the Turing Trust will be visiting Malawi in the summer of 2014 to see some of Malaptop’s school projects with the aim of seeing how we can support their wonderful activities. Potentially we may start donating some of our laptops to support Malaptop working in a country that is perhaps in even more dire need of computing facilities than Ghana. We look forward to finding out more about Malaptop in detail and in country so watch this space for more updates coming soon.

Working in such similar fields, we are certain that this is a valuable link to have established as both charities can grow together and hopefully share more useful information along the way; we look forward to the future of both projects.


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