Exciting developments in Kenya by our friends at Rotary International

The amazing people who run and support Rotary International have plans to undertake a very exciting project in Kenya, using the same Raspberry Pi units which we are using in Ghana. There are even more similarities, as they’re planning on loading the devices with the same RACHEL software we have installed on our units too.

For those of you who don’t know, here’s a run down on the RACHEL software we use (Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning). It is essentially an offline platform of amazing resources, consisting of  6000 articles, 26 million words and 50,000 images. It’s a hand picked selection of some really amazing knowledge, which can fit on an SD card, and it’s what we fit our Raspberry Pis with before sending them to Ghana.

They’re approach is different to ours, and they using the Pis as mini-servers, to which as many as 35 inexpensive tablet PCs can connect. It’s given us a lot to think about here at the Turing Trust, and it’s a fresh approach.

Check out the Forbes article for the full story > http://onforb.es/13bTBqH

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