Turing Talks

Date:     Tuesday 13th June, 2017

Venue:  National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Arriving at Turing Talks.
Stephen Kelly, Roaldn Bone and Matthew Gardiner

Photographs by Mal Brown of Mackie Photography

Turing Talks Volunteers. Photographed by Andy Coulson of YOUR ART : SET FREE

Photographs by Andy Coulson of  YOUR ART : SET FREE.

Turing Talks lived up to expectations.

Themed on ‘Disrupting the way we change our world’, this proved to be a fascinating and enthralling day of talks which forwarded many innovative ways to use technical innovation to aid development. The talks highlighted such things as the importance of the relation between technology and improving education in Africa and issues related to appropriateness which are crucial to effective development.

Here are some of the main themes and take-home points:

  • Starting small does not mean that you will not be capable of achieving great things – scalability of projects was demonstrated by BBOXX and onebillion.
  • Sustainability of the technology is important – may this be affordability, continuation or community ownership.
  • Technology can and should be empowering.
  • The spread of education is one of the main positive outcomes that technology can bring.
  • Solar panels and shipping containers emerged as a common resource of innovators in development.
  • Duplication of technological initiatives presents a risk of inefficiency of delivery
  • The big picture of the situation must be taken in to account – Amanda Regan provided a great example of this via her talk about satellite technology.

The exhibition, posters and networking also generated some lively debate and real interest, allowing some of our speakers and delegates to meet potential collaborators for projects they are involved in.

Many thanks to all those who helped make the day such a success and in particular, our speakers, sponsors and volunteers. The proceeds will be used to make a real difference in Africa where we are equipping schools with re-used IT and e-learning resources and pioneering our SolarBerry to provide sustainable IT labs for rural communities without access to electricity.


Visit the Turing Talks website to watch the presentations, see the poster abstracts and view our photo gallery.

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