How is our work a legacy of Alan’s?

The Turing Trust was set up by Alan Turing’s closest family, including his nephew Sir John Turing, in memory of his name and legacy. With Alan’s name behind us we are contributing to the future of computer science by supporting people in rural African communities to become computer literate.

Those who have heard of Alan will most likely be aware of his intense intelligence and the horrific inequalities he faced later in life. However, not many people know about Alan Turing’s philanthropic side. Alan was a great believer in supporting those in need, sponsoring the education of, amongst others, a WWII refugee at a time when Alan could barely afford the rent of his very bare flat. Today we champion Alan's name to continue his spirit of good will and bring the benefits of the digital revolution to those who need it most.

As African economies speed into the information age, rural communities are often being left out, and becoming increasingly isolated from the digital world. The Turing Trust aims to ensure that all people are given equal opportunities to ICT education. This means striving to improve the hardware and software we offer them, tailoring programs to suit their curricula and running frequent training workshops.

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