Christmas Challenge 2017 Success!

This year we’ve taken part in The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge, a fundraising campaign where donations are matched by Pledgers (longstanding donors) and Champion Funds (from a supporting organisation chosen by the Big Give). This means that every penny donated to the Turing Trust has been matched, doubling its impact.


Since the challenge launched at midday on Tuesday our project designed to bring IT to a further 6,000 students in Malawi has raised a phenomenal £16,232.50, knocking our £11,600 target out of the park! We have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters, old and new. This wouldn’t have been possible without you!


The Christmas Challenge 2017 runs until midday on Tuesday 5th December. If you haven’t donated but would still like to, you can do so here.

Arcturus Publishing logo

Arcturus Publishing – our new sponsors

We are delighted to welcome our new sponsors, Arcturus Publishing and to be a part of the latest in their series of puzzlebooks “The Alan Turing Codebreaker’s Puzzle Book”.

Alan Turing Codebreakers Puzzle Book


Alan Turing is often called the father of modern computing. During World War II, he worked at Bletchley Park, where top secret work was carried out to decipher the military codes used by Germany and its allies. Turing played a pivotal role in cracking intercepted coded messages that enabled the Allies to defeat the Nazis in many crucial engagements, and his work was vital in helping the Allies win the war. Published in association with The Turing Trust, this incredible collection of puzzles allows you to test if you have the range of puzzle-solving abilities required to have been one of Alan Turing’s codebreakers. World-renowned puzzle expert Dr. Gareth Moore compiled the work of puzzle authors from all over the world to bring together this fascinating collection of puzzle types. If you can solve every puzzle in the book, you may once have been recruited to join their ranks! Perfect for anyone who enjoys a challenge and all purchases will also benefit the Turing Trust.





What is the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge? 🎄

This Christmas we have a fantastic opportunity to raise extra funds for our work in Malawi by taking part in the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge. The campaign kicks off at 12pm on the 28th November – #GivingTuesday – and runs right through to 12pm on the 5th December. We’re hoping to raise £11,600 in total to help send IT equipment to 6,000 students in Malawi. For more information about our project, please see our project page here.


The Christmas challenge provides match funding for every donation which means that every pound we receive in donations will go twice as far.


If you’d like to help us promote our Christmas Challenge campaign, please get in touch with


We’re taking part in the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge

This year we’re taking place in the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge. This is a matched funding round where donations will be matched pound for pound until we use up our pot. We’re really excited to take part as it means that every penny donated to us goes twice as far. We’re aiming to raise £12,000 all together. We’ll use the money raised to bring IT to 6000 students in Malawi, making sure they get the digital skills they’ll need for their future. Matched funding opens at midday on the 28th November and runs until the 5th December.
In Malawi, 98% of schools don’t have access to a computer, and, in particular, rural Malawian students lack access to IT facilities in classrooms. This means that there is a huge demand for IT skills in the Malawian workforce, with only 14% of secondary school students leaving school with the right qualifications. Consequently, Malawian schoolchildren are being left behind in the digital age due to a lack of access to adequate facilities, resulting in exclusion from the online world we take for granted.
A major cause of Malawian poverty is the high cost associated with transportation to a landlocked African country. This means that all imported products are much more expensive to buy than in most countries. For example, a 2nd hand PC in Malawi will typically cost £70. We’ve been able to get PCs into classrooms for around £12 per PC. Combined with our eLibrary, we are ensuring Malawian communities aren’t being left behind in the digital age by providing easily accessible learning resources.
Check out our project here:

Update from Malawi: Lura CDSS

Lura Community Day Secondary School were delighted with their new hardware. Headteacher Mr Phiri is very enthusiastic about the possibilities the new IT equipment will bring, and how the new Local Area Network will enable them to make use of printers and scanners to help with their lessons. He was also happy that the IT will equip the students with the computing skills they’ll need in the future.

The students at Lura said the new computers are a good starting point to learn how to use these complex machines. The students said learning word processing skills and how to navigate computers early will prepare them for more complex assignments later in their academic careers.


Update From Malawi: Nkhomboli School

Our partner organization in Malwai, the Centre for Youth and Development, have recently installed a computer lab and created a local area network at Nkhomboli Community Day Secondary School. This will mean that students and teachers using the lab will now be able to share files between computers without the use of discs or USBs. It’ll speed up the time it takes to install updates to our eLibrary.  The teachers at Khomboli are now able to upload their class notes to the network, where students can access them and submit assignments. This not only makes lesson planning and marking more efficient for teachers, but also improves the student’s digital skills.

Reactions from the teachers have so far been very positive, with one, Mr Minthali saying:

“It is wonderful for a rural school to have a computer lab, which we were not expecting. We thank CYD for the commendable job they are doing.”

Students from Nkhomboli have also been positive about introduction of computers, believing that their grades will improve with access to our eLibrary software and this new platform to study.


Maintenance and Safety Workshops in Ghana

Our first site visits this academic year took us to Prabon JHS and Primary School, Akwaduo JHS and Primary School and Tetrefu ICCES Centre. There was clear evidence of positive impact the ICT training workshops we held last academic year have had.

The ICT teachers are now able to troubleshoot some of the basic issues computers often have, and the teachers are even undertaking the repairs without the Turing Trust’s intervention. When they can’t repair some of the faults, they provide us with the technical information that we need to speed up the repair work.  With the ICT teachers now armed with knowledge of computer safety and maintenance, coupled with the basic computer troubleshooting and repair skills, the students now have a safe lab, well maintained computer systems, and has been a reduction in the repair work needed to be performed by the Turing Trust.

These projects and all the work of the Turing Trust would not be possible without the generous donations. Thank you very much for everything that has been contributed, we and all of the students are very grateful.


Catching up with new students in Ghana

As we begin the 2017/18 school academic in year in Ghana this September, there have been new admissions at the various schools across the country and we were happy to catch-up with some of the ‘freshers’ ( first year students) at the computer laboratories.

Their zeal and enthusiasm at the computer laboratory was very encouraging. These are some comments from some of them;

‘My name is Francisca Boatemaa, a first year student offering Fashion and designing. I am so glad to be here to use the computers for the first time; l didn’t get the opportunity to use one at my Junior high school because we didn’t have any computers there. But with this well-resourced, beautiful computer laboratory, I will make the best use of it to become a professional fashion designer.’

‘I am called Loyal Lumor, a first year Building Draughtsmanship student. I am very happy to be part of your wonderful support here. With these computers, l believe l can work faster and easier at my department because there are much new software that will make it easy when am designing and building. Thank you very much.’



Turing Trust and Avallain Foundation

Following our recent partnership with Covestro we’ve been fortunate enough to receive a donation of a-ACADEMY Primary School to teach English and Science  from Avallain Foundation. This software will be installed on our next batch of IT equipment making its way to schools across Northern Malawi, strengthening our eLibrary by giving teachers top quality offline resources.


Avallain Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in New York City which goal it is to unlock education for those who need it most. In order to achieve their goals they make use of cutting-edge technology paired with their high-quality content which is designed to be relevant to the users.


We have added their curriculum-aligned content dubbed a-ACADEMY Primary School, to our eLibrary and will be trialling them in schools in Malawi and Ghana now that the school year has restarted. Partnering with Avallain Foundation not only strengthens our ability to enable IT supported learning across Africa, but also means that we now have great quality resources developed in Africa for Africa. We look forward to seeing where this partnership takes us!


We’ve Been Shortlisted!

We have been shortlisted for the 2017 Royal Bank of Scotland Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the Entrepreneur for Good of the Year award.

We’ve beaten off some tough competition in order to make the regional shortlist, with over 1000 businesses entering the awards nationally across the wide range of categories.

Now in its fifth year, the Royal Bank of Scotland Great British Entrepreneur Awards has celebrated some amazing entrepreneurs over the years, many of whom are now household names. Past winners include David Buttress of Just Eat, Julie Deane of The Cambridge Satchel Company, James Watt of BrewDog and Alexander Solomou of TheLADBible Group.

Creator of the Awards, Francesca James, said: “We have been inundated with some incredible entries this year, and all shortlisted applicants should be extremely proud of themselves! This year has seen a record number of entrants and we’ve been absolutely blown away by the strength and diversity of applications.”

“We cannot wait to celebrate entrepreneurship across Great Britain with them, and put a spotlight on the incredible talent within the British entrepreneur ecosystem.”

Gordon Merrylees, Head of Entrepreneurship at Royal Bank of Scotland said: “I want to thank all of the entrepreneurs who entered this year and congratulate those who have been shortlisted, I look forward to seeing them at the regional finals.”

“It is clear that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and Royal Bank of Scotland is thrilled to be able to support these awards to celebrate success with the businesses that are the lifeblood of the UK Economy as they start, scale and succeed.”

“It’s wonderful to see James take inspiration from the legacy of his great uncle, Alan Turing, into his professional life, donating computer equipment to disadvantaged people in Africa and closest to home in Edinburgh.”

The Royal Bank of Scotland Great British Entrepreneur Awards will celebrate entrepreneurship across a number of categories at 5 gala finals across the UK, including; Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester & London. You can find more information about the awards and the ceremonies here:

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