Dermot Turing showing the donation from Sherborne School

Sherborne School donates computers

The Turing Trust already has links with Sherborne School – both Alan Turing and Dermot Turing are old Shirburnians. Today we are keeping these links alive with the donation of IT equipment to support the Turing Trust’s mission to bridge the digital divide in Africa. There are still so many schools in Africa without computers and this donation will help us to equip a total of 200 schools in Malawi by April 2019. We take for granted the wealth of resources available to support education in the UK – help us to give African students similar opportunities.


Liberia with Y Care International

For the past three to four busy months Turing Trust has been working on filling a shipment of technology to be sent to Liberia. This will be Turing Trust’s third shipment this year to Africa and is happening in tandem with Y Care International who will be sending the equipment to schools across the country. So far this year we have shipped to Ghana, Malawi and now Liberia.

The container was collected on the 24th of July and we cannot wait to see the positive impact this technology can bring to the students it reaches. Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who dedicated their time to preparing the computers as well as the team of 13 people who loaded the shipping container in the rain! Luckily Turing Trust had some ponchos to keep everyone dry.

The shipment included just over 500 PCs, monitors, and mice. It also included over 1000 power cables, 900 keyboards and 600 VGA cables. Around 80 of those PCs had Rachel educational software downloaded onto them. The Rachel software allows for students to access numerous educational websites without needing to connect to the internet or pay fees. Other items that were included in the shipment were 3 printers (2 of which were large office laserjets), a box of spare DVD drives, and 40 DVI cables.

We look forward to starting work on our next project so we can continue to send technology to students.


Atlas and the Turing Trust

Aberdeen-headquartered digital learning technologies company Atlas Knowledge has donated 58 computers to a charity which helps school children in remote communities of Africa to learn new skills.

The eLearning solutions provider is the first company from the oil and gas sector to work with The Turing Trust. The charity aims to bridge the digital divide in African nations by shipping IT equipment to the region to raise the skills base of pupils who would otherwise not have access to computers.

Atlas has contributed the systems along with 10 additional flat screen monitors to benefit the trust’s partner organisations in Ghana and Malawi. The units will be uploaded with educational content before shipping so they can be utilised in rural areas where there is no internet connection.

The Turing Trust was founded in the name of renowned mathematician and World War Two Enigma codebreaker, Alan Turing, and works with rural schools to teach practical skills to students aged between 13 and 24.

Partner schools act as vocational training colleges, known as Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills (ICCES). All donations of IT equipment are used to support education and sustainable development.

Atlas chief operating officer, Harry van der Vossen, said: “As the leading global provider of eLearning solutions across safety critical industries, we understand the lasting impact of learning through modern technology and are fully supportive of the good work the Turing Trust does to encourage students in Africa to develop essential skills for their future.

“This region remains an important focus for us, with now more than 40 of our training partners operating there to ensure the workforce in the African countries remain safe through the uptake of courses such as the online refresher for IMIST (International Minimum Industry Training Standard), right across our portfolio of health and safety training and services.

“Earlier this year, Atlas held workshops in both Ghana and South Africa with training companies attending from across the region. Helping schools in Africa through The Turing Trust supports our company’s mission to make learning accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world and at any time.”

James Turing, director at The Turing Trust, said: “Donations of IT, like the fantastic donation from Atlas, mean that The Turing Trust can support the education of young people in Malawi and Ghana.

“Combined with our eLibrary and our current SolarBerry project, we are able to repurpose IT to have a lasting impact in urban and rural communities across Africa.”

The Turing Trust collects, processes and delivers used computers, tablets and cameras across Africa in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi. As well as IT donations, it seeks sponsorship to cover the costs of shipping and installation.

Current partner companies include Reusing ITExpert AgentThe University of EdinburghBCS and Border Crossing Media.

Bernie Hollywood opens Turing Talks. Photograph by Andy Coulson of Your Art Set Free

Turing Talks was hugely successful

The National Museum of Scotland was a fantastic venue for the first ever Turing Talks on 13th June 2017. It was wonderful to be supported by Bernie Hollywood as co-chair with his huge energy and enthusiasm. We are very grateful to all our inspirational speakers, our sponsors and our volunteers for helping to make this such a memorable day. For more information about the day and to see our posters and photo gallery check out the Turing talks website.

Cybertalk Spring 2017

The Turing Trust featured in Cybertalk

As the official charity partner at CSP 2017, the Turing Trust was able to present our work in the opening plenary session and was featured in Cybertalk Spring issue (check out pages 60-62). We had a great couple of days – meeting plenty of cybersecurity professionals and learning more about the current challenges. Many thanks to SBL for their support and for inviting us to be part of this stimlating event.

Turing talks

Turing Talks – less than a month to go!

Turing Talks is going to be amazing – we have a fantastic lineup of speakers, a SolarBerry and poster exhibition and much more.  We appreciate the great support from our partners and sponsors.

Partner logosSponsor logos









But it’s not too late – there are still tickets available here and discounts available for group purchases.

CSP 2017 logo

Charity Partner at CSP: 2017

The Turing Trust is delighted to be the charity partner of the year at CSP2017. This is a great opportunity to connect with cybersecurity professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including cyber businesses, government, defence, the third sector and academia. The agenda is packed with exciting workshops that allow people to interact, challenge current ways of thinking and doing and come up with disruptive solutions. Nicola Turing will be presenting the work of the Turing Trust in the opening plenary session and the Turing Trust team is looking forward to a very stimulating couple of days in York.

Turing fest logo

Turing Fest 2017

The Turing Trust is delighted to be the official charity partner of Turing Fest for 2017. We had a fantastic time last year and it was a great opportunity to learn and to connect with people. This year promises to be even bigger and better with four tracks (Product People, Strategy, Full stack Marketing and Software Engineering) and a fantastic speaker lineup. We can’t wait to see you there!

Turing Talks information

Announcing Turing Talks

The Turing Trust is proud to announce the launch of Turing Talks, an exciting one day conference bringing together technology and development.

Turing Talks logo

We have an impressive line up of speakers and will be covering a wide range of topics, from energy to education and finance to health, with technology at their core and with inspiration from space and beyond. Tickets are on sale now – join us in Edinburgh on Tuesday 13th June at the National Museum of Scotland for an unmissable event.

Turing talks green dots

Training workshop in Ghana

More good news from the University of Edinburgh!

E-learning workshops in Ghana.

We are delighted to announce that through the Innovation Initiative Grant programme from the Edinburgh Fund at the University of Edinburgh, we will be bringing a series of workshops to our partner schools, the ICCES, in Ghana!

The project will set up a series of workshops on the uses and reparability of the equipment we’ve previously shipped to Ghana. Looking at the e-learning materials we’ve previously distributed in Ghana, we will help to promote sustainable development within Ghana and demonstrate the value and affordability of ICT resources in sub-Saharan Africa. The workshops will provide practical, hands-on lessons for ICCES instructors.

One of the most exciting aspects of the workshops will be in combining the PhD research of James Turing, who is currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. Building on his earlier work in Kenya, we will be bringing some of the University of Edinburgh’s MOOCs to our offline classrooms. Moreover this will help develop a long-term training partnership between ICCES and the University of Edinburgh, since we believe that this will create high-quality teaching opportunities for staff & students.

This project was supported by an Innovation Initiative Grant from the Edinburgh Fund at the University of Edinburgh.

University of Edinburgh Innovation Grants logo






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