At the BCS / IET Turing lecture in London

The amazing BCS / IET annual Turing lecture

Pictured above: Dr Rashik Parmar, IBM; Dr Guruduth Banavar, IBM; Dr. Watson, IET; Dr Turing, the Turing Trust

It was great to be invited to attend the annual Turing lecture and to be able to present the work of the Turing Trust. But it was even better to have the privilege of hearing such a thought provoking lecture from Dr Guruduth Banavar, IBM Vice-President of Cognitive Computing and leader of the worldwide team creating Watson. The breadth of vision about how the technology could be used to benefit society, but also the deep understanding of the need to address the ethical issues that arise was inspirational. The lecture was recorded and so if you weren’t able to attend, you can catch up here.

The questions following the lecture were also stimulating. For example, and perhaps of particular relevance to those interested in computing in environments without easy access to electricity, there was a question comparing the energy consumption of the human brain with that of a supercomputer!

Donations from Re-Tek and BCS

Great donations to start 2017!

What a brilliant start to 2017 with donations from BCS and Re-Tek.

We are delighted to have received these fantastic donations which are all helping us achieve further shipments to Malawi within the next few months. It isn’t just PCs that we need – accessories are just as important – and this includes even the humble network, VGA and power cables! Thank you so much for your ongoing support – it makes a real difference!

Some of great donations received from BCS

Hurrah! The container for Ghana is full!

We have shipped to Ghana!

A fantastic team of volunteers braved near freezing temperatures, sleet and snow to load our container to Ghana. Despite the adverse conditions (and re-invigorated by hot food and drinks) the container was loaded in under 4 hours. In total we shipped over 400 computers, monitors, mice and keyboards, 46 printers and 18 boxes of books and catering equipment. Here are some of the highlights.

Highlights of shipping day

A massive thanks to all our donors, supporters and volunteers who made all this possible.

We couldn’t have done this without you.

Volunteers featuring our supporters.

You might also like to check out our video of the day – and think about joining us for our next shipment going to Malawi soon.


Happy New Year

We would like to wish all our friends and supporters a Very Happy New Year.

With your support we look forward to achieving even more in 2017!

One of the tasks for January is shipping a container to Ghana – filled with your donations. We have plenty of ICT equipment ready to go and some other donations such as some hoodies and T-shirts kindly donated by Link Community Development (and modelled here by one of our shipping volunteers).

Hoodies donated by Link Community Develoment

Thank you so much to all those who have been involved in the work of the Turing Trust over the last year. It has been an amazing year and you can read about some of the highlights in our recent newsletter.

Happy Christmas from Ghana

Seasons Greetings from one of the great ICT teachers in Ghana – many thanks to Enoch Otabil from Tetrefu ICCES for sharing this short video! We really enjoy working with you.




The Turing Trust also wishes all its partners in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya our very best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Head teacher testing computers

Schools in Malawi receive computers

James Gondwe and his team from CYD have started setting up computer labs in schools. So far they have already set up 8 schools with 20 computers per school – that is 160 computers already delivered and installed.

Teachers and computer lab at Lidoma

You can see from these photos taken at Lidoma private school how delighted the staff were to see their computer lab being set up. What a great Christmas present!

James Gondwe and his team at Lidoma

This is a great achievement in the very short space of time since the container arrived in Mzuzu. Congratulations to James and his fantastic team.

Unpacking the container in Mzuzu

Container arrived in Mzuzu, Malawi

Our first shipment to Malawi has arrived safely after 2 months in transit by sea and by land. Over 500 computers are being unpacked and tested and the first schools will receive computers before Christmas. What a fantastic achievement and a real credit to Andrew Clark, Brian Ferguson and the rest of the team in Edinburgh.

Teams with container in Edinburgh and Malawi

Andrew Clark and James Gondwe with the container in Edinburgh and Mzuzu

Checking the computers and other IT equipment in Mzuzu, Malawi.

Checking the computers in Mzuzu

There were plenty of smiles to go round when we saw this video of James Gondwe and his great team, from Centre for Youth and Development (CYD).

Happy New Year!

2017 is going to be a fantastic year for the Turing Trust and CYD in Malawi.


Our new CSR partners – Property Technology Ltd

We are delighted to announce our latest CSR partnership with the fantastic Property Technology Ltd! They will be helping us fundraise by donating £1 per month for every customer they have. Sam Zawadzki is the CEO of Property Technology Ltd and believes that supporting education through technology is probably the most effective form of aid that can be given to developing nations. Logo is a start up company, but Sam has great ambitions for the growth of the company and for the impact their donations to the Turing Trust will have in supporting education in Africa. You can read more about Sam’s vision and commitment in his blog.


The Turing Trust in the Huffington post

We are delighted that a blog about the Turing Trust has been published in the Huffington post. James Turing explains how Alan Turing’s legacy and a chance conversation with a University of Edinburgh IT manager when he was starting his undergraduate degree inspired him to work to equip rural schools in Africa with computers. The amazing support from the University of Edinburgh has allowed him to combine his studies with growing and developing the Turing Trust. This great partnership continues as James studies the circular economy at the bottom of the pyramid for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science and the Business School.

James and Afoako ICCES

These photos show the computer lab at Afoako ICCES – under construction in 2013 and now a fully functioning computer lab in a smart new building that was opened in 2015. This was used recently for a training day for centre managers and ICT instructors from the Ashanti region.

There is still  plenty to do. If you are interested in helping us set up computer labs in more schools and ICCES you can find more information here.

ICCES logos

The Turing Trust Run Training Days at ICCES in Ghana

During a recent visit to Ghana, Edmund Pinto and Nicola Turing ran training days for 65 Centre Managers and ICT teachers from the Volta region, Greater Accra and the Ashanti region. The days covered topics including what we could learn from the organisation and management of schools internationally and in particular, from those institutions that Eddie was able to visit in the UK. This was then linked to a session on data collection to facilitate monitoring of students throughout their course and to improve understanding of their students and hence improve outcomes. This was aligned with a requirement for improved data collection that now needs to be submitted nationally. The afternoon was dedicated to the ongoing development of the resources provided on Turing Trust computers, including the use of RACHEL and work to develop a learning management system using Moodle. This session generated a lot of interest on all 3 training days as delegates realised that this would enable them to use computers for so much more than teaching ICT.

ICCES training days

You can read more about the Turing Trust trip to Ghana in our newsletter.

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