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At the Turing Trust we are very keen to help people understand what we do and to inspire them to become part of our mission to promote education and training through the use of IT in sub-Saharan Africa. We also have a unique connection with Alan Turing and feel that our work is building on his amazing legacy, trying to ensure that rural Africa in particular does not get left out of the digital world. Our speakers not only have an in depth knowledge about Alan Turing and his work, but can also link this to what the Turing Trust is doing today. We are always happy to try to tailor our talks to meet your requirements.

Our speakers


Sir Dermot Turing

Dermot Turing

Dermot has been a Trustee of the Turing Trust since it was founded in 2009 and has recently published “Prof: Alan Turing decoded” a biography of Alan Turing drawing on recently released documents and papers in the family archive. He has given many talks about Alan Turing and his life, including at the International Spy Museum, Washington, the Reagan library and Google in both Seattle and London.

Lady Nicola Turing

Nicola Turing

Nicola retired from working in the NHS in 2015 and since then has been volunteering with the Turing Trust and learning about its activities in depth. She has been learning about Alan Turing since meeting Dermot in 1983 – a year that coincided with the publication of Andrew Hodges seminal biography. She recently gave a talk at Barclays Technology centre, as part of a celebration of IDAHOBIT day, entitled “Alan Turing. To celebrate or to pardon” that was well received.


James Turing (Founder and Director of the Turing Trust)

James Turing

James founded the Turing Trust in 2009 and has extensive experience of building the charity and of working in Africa. He is currently doing a PhD in International Development and splits his time between Edinburgh and Africa. James has given numerous presentations on the work of the Turing Trust including at Buckingham Palace, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, The British Computer Society, Edinburgh University and several Rotary Clubs. He also has expertise on the development of the Circular Economy in developing economies, including the recyclability of solar technologies and has previously presented at the EcoDesign 2015 conference in Tokyo, Japan.


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How can a Turing Trust talk help your organisation?

The life of Alan Turing is inspirational – not only did he make an outstanding contribution to codebreaking in the second world was, he is widely recognised as the “father of the computer”. However, his ideas didn’t stop there and the later years of his life were spent working on problems in developmental biology. Alan also had a philanthropic side sponsoring a refugee in WWII and paying for a childhood friend to become a missionary. We believe the Turing Trust is continuing his legacy by making computers available to less privileged communities in Africa and by enabling volunteers in the UK to sharpen their own IT skills in preparing computers for use in African schools.

A talk about Alan Turing and the work of the Turing Trust will:

  • Engage and motivate your staff / students
  • Inspire your staff / students
  • Suggest opportunities for team building
  • Suggest opportunities to improve job satisfaction and help staff feel fulfilled
  • Support your CSR goals

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