The Turing Trust e-library
We believe that software is equally important to the quality hardware we provide. Therefore every computer that is donated to one of our partner schools is equipped with a wide range of e-learning resources. These include:
  • Wikipedia for schools 
  • RACHEL library of information
  • Khan Academy 
  • Health and hygiene guides
  • How-to guides created by Dr. Bernard Poole, which help the user understand how to use both Microsoft and Libre Office
  • Anti-virus software
What makes a huge different is that all the resources we make available are 100% accessible offline. This is essential in the rural areas that we work in where access to the internet is difficult and can be prohibitively expensive. We are always looking for ways to improve and find new ways to facilitate learning in remote places.  If  you  have content we could add to our offline package that would help us achieve this, then please contact us

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