What we do in Africa

The Turing Trust began working in Africa in 2009 with a view to making students in rural Africa more employable. We want to give students the best chance to break out of the rural poverty cycle through teaching IT and vocational skills.

By outfitting schools with refurbished resources from the UK and providing teacher training, we can optimise the learning environment and help an individual learn a trade or become computer literate, making them more employable and financially independent.


Over the last two years the Turing Trust have increased our focus on training in order to increase the impact our equipment donations. On installation of every new computer lab, Turing Trust project managers and volunteers instruct teachers on basic computer maintenance and ensure they are familiar with each piece of tailored software.


For our students we conduct regional training events where we offer instruction on new software, specialised training with visiting experts and other activity based IT events. These experiences are very important to the students, socially and personally, as well as educationally.


Of all the work we do, training has had the most positive ongoing impact in reaching wider audiences. Cultures based on community and sharing mean that our trained teachers will go out of their way to spread the knowledge they have learned. The direct recipients of this are their students, but it also includes their fellow school teachers as well as instructors from other local centres. At the Turing Trust we believe we have helped students and teachers through providing IT resources and training and hope that we have started the ball rolling in terms of a sustainable answer to the issues and difficulties  surrounding computer usage in rural Africa.

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