Lightyear Foundation Ghana

Innovative Solutions to E-waste with the Lightyear Foundation in Ghana

We’re now repurposing e-waste to realise the education benefits of spent technologies. One of the innovative solutions we’ve come up with for the small amounts of e-waste we have in Ghana is through a partnership with the amazing Lightyear Foundation. As part of the work they do they’ve founded this amazing practical science project known as Lab_13.

The students who attend the lab throughout the weekend and during open-class on Saturdays are given practical tasks which involve using equipment like motors, fans, speakers and the like. Using these components they build projects which demonstrate their understanding of different science concepts. We’re supporting the work of the Lightyear Foundation by providing them with parts that can be repurposed then enhance these learning experiences

E-waste that is not appropriate for repurposing is stored by our partners to be processed in bulk volumes by a government authorised facility.

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