Catching up with new students in Ghana

As we begin the 2017/18 school academic in year in Ghana this September, there have been new admissions at the various schools across the country and we were happy to catch-up with some of the ‘freshers’ ( first year students) at the computer laboratories.

Their zeal and enthusiasm at the computer laboratory was very encouraging. These are some comments from some of them;

‘My name is Francisca Boatemaa, a first year student offering Fashion and designing. I am so glad to be here to use the computers for the first time; l didn’t get the opportunity to use one at my Junior high school because we didn’t have any computers there. But with this well-resourced, beautiful computer laboratory, I will make the best use of it to become a professional fashion designer.’

‘I am called Loyal Lumor, a first year Building Draughtsmanship student. I am very happy to be part of your wonderful support here. With these computers, l believe l can work faster and easier at my department because there are much new software that will make it easy when am designing and building. Thank you very much.’