Celebrating a new partnership with NEXSTAND EU

We are delighted to announce that the Turing Trust has established a new partnership with NEXSTAND EU who will be supporting our mission through an innovative donation scheme.

NEXSTAND EU are passionate about tech being available for all which inspires the design of their adjustable laptop stand that makes a significant difference in a user’s performance and overall health when using a laptop. Their NEXSTAND K2 portable laptop stand has 8 different height adjustments to save users from being hunched over whilst working.

NEXSTAND EU have begun this partnership with a donation that will enable us to send an additional 20 computers to Malawi to be installed in classrooms. Looking forward, NEXSTAND EU will be donating a percentage of their profits as well as a further 1 for 1 donation whereby every K2+ bundle sold will enable us to supply a mouse alongside one of our computers. Thanks to this brilliant mechanism we soon look forward to seeing each laptop stand having a direct impact in African classrooms to ensure every school can teach IT effectively. 

With the support of fantastic, socially-minded companies such as NEXSTAND EU we will be able to realise our vision where every school had adequate IT resources to empower students with these vital skills. You can check out our latest progress here, or check out our map with ever more schools in Malawi supplied with IT labs.

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