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Training workshops

Conditions in schools in rural Ghana can pose significant problems for computers. Heat, dust (and even sand) and an intermittent electricity supply can make it difficult to ensure that computers are kept in good working condition.  It is not enough to equip schools with computers without adequate back up and so training at the time … Continue reading Training workshops

Our policies

Our constitution and policies underpin our work. They are based on the guidance issued by the Charity Commission of England and Wales and by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and are reviewed and updated annually.

Tetrefu ICCES

Tetrefu ICCES is one of the oldest ICCES in Ghana and one of the best established. It recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The Turing Trust has been working with Tetrefu for many years and ICT is well embedded into the curriculum. They were one of the first ICCES to have an ICT club.Their first computer … Continue reading Tetrefu ICCES

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Check out some of our current projects. These are just examples, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have something specific in mind.


Each school receives 20 PCs equipped with our eLibrary and a maintenance contract which lets us provide support and training for teachers and school staff. This means that students get the benefits of digital education from day one. We monitor our impact in schools and will continue to update our progress as we learn more.


There are ICCES in all regions in Ghana, predominantly in rural areas. Most ICCES now have a computer laboratory. Those that don’t are currently working through the challenges of securing an appropriate building or electricity. The map below gives more information about the individual ICCES.

Why Ghana?

In 2009, our founder James Turing travelled to Ghana to work in a rural school (Afoako ICCES). The ICCES (Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills), are vocational training colleges that teach practical skills to students ranging in age from 13-24 and come under the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

Press / Media

Information Technology is a fantastic educational tool. We are passionate about making IT available to everyone and bridging the digital divide. We are available for comments, interviews, multimedia content and a wealth of information.


Our main partner in Ghana, Edmund (Eddie) Pinto runs the Kumasi hub with technical support from Sam Edanake. Eddie is also the Head of IT for the ICCES and so well placed to lead our operations in Ghana. He is in regular contact with all the ICCES and passionate about supporting the education of disadvantaged … Continue reading How?


Choma Community Day Secondary School has been chosen as the site of the pilot SolarBerry in Malawi. It is in a rural area about 20km North of Mzuzu. The SolarBerry will support learning for 250 students and about 1000 adult learners.


590 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity. In Malawi 97% of those living in rural areas do not have electricity 87% of schools do not have electricity 95% of primary schools do not have computers And yet there is a clear correlation between electrification and completion of primary schooling.