Corporate Partnerships

Our corporate partners and sponsors make a real difference in helping us to achieve our goal of giving those in sub-Saharan Africa access to the digital world.

There are many ways that companies can support our work, so whatever your interest please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here are a few examples of how you can partner with us:

Icon of desktop computer

Donate IT Equipment

We can reuse your old equipment in African classrooms and benefit both disadvantaged students and the environment.

Partner in Kind

Donate your time, skills or resources to us. We are always keen to partner with people who can help us with any of the aspects of running a charity needed to ensure we can achieve our goals. As well as the core activities of computer refurbishment and the sourcing and collation of educational resources, this also includes professional services, PR and marketing, fundraising, logistics and governance.

Volunteering Days

These are a great way to involve your staff – whether this is helping on shipping days or getting kit ready to go to Africa. Teams of volunteers can achieve far more than we ever imagined in just a day and can make a real difference.

Involve Your Clients

Schemes that give customers the option to opt in to donate £1 to charity or to round an invoice up to the nearest pound, can be very successful, or you could make a donation for each new customer.

Involve Your Team

Payroll giving can be a tax efficient way of making donations – particularly for higher rate tax payers. Volunteering days are a great way for staff to contribute.

Incentivise Your Projects

Donate a percentage of your profits if projects achieve their targets.

Work for Good logo

Work for Good

We’ve teamed up with online fundraising platform Work for Good – who make giving through your business simple and good for business. You can find out more by visiting Work for Good.

Interested in joining as a volunteer?

Our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do here at the Turing Trust. Find out more in our Volunteers section or continue reading about our other work across Africa.

Sponsor a Project

Euthini Secondary School

Equip a computer lab in Africa with 20 PCs loaded with educational resources and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Training teachers at Kiddies Garden Primary School

Training for the teachers in the schools receiving computers is essential to ensure that they make effective use of the resources.

Container arrives at Centre for Youth and Development in Malawi.

Shipping to a landlocked country such as Malawi takes some organisation and manpower, and travel by ship, rail and road.

Handover of SolarBerry to community at Choma

The SolarBerry is the Turing Trust’s solution to providing a sustainable off-grid computer laboratory, using Raspberry Pis.