Training for Teachers

Training for the teachers in the schools receiving computers is essential to ensure that they make effective use of the resources.

Few of the staff in the schools where we are setting up computer laboratories will be confident in using and maintaining computers. They need support to embed the use of computers to support their students to acquire digital literacy and to enhance teaching and learning in all subjects.

The Turing Trust works with its partners in Ghana and Malawi to deliver some basic training at the time of the set up of the computer laboratory and to deliver more detailed workshops for the teachers in each of the regions where we have equipped schools with computers.

Sponsorship of £5000 will support:

  • the salary of one of our crucial IT trainers
  • travel costs needed to run courses for teachers in all the regions we support

Your sponsorship will be acknowledged in the training materials used for each course run by the IT trainer, a set of photos from the training workshops the IT trainer has run, and a certificate of recognition.

If you would like to get involved please contact us.

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