Tetrefu ICCES

Tetrefu ICCES is one of the oldest ICCES in Ghana and one of the best established. It recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The Turing Trust has been working with Tetrefu for many years and ICT is well embedded into the curriculum. They were one of the first ICCES to have an ICT club.Their first computer lab was small and cramped – but despite this students were keen to learn from their inspirational ICT teacher, Enoch Otabil and the ICT club flourished.

Some students from Tetrefu attended the training workshop given by BIPB in July 2015, and were inspired to share what they had learnt with their peers when they returned.

Teachers and students at Tetrefu were determined to improve the facilities available for ICT. They worked hard to raise the funds and then contributed time, labour and skills. The electrical students learnt how to install an air-conditioning unit in the new lab – something that will improve learning conditions for both students and the IT equipment. They now have a purpose-built computer laboratory that opened in 2017 and which is already being put to good use – not only teaching students how to use computers, but also how to maintain and repair them.

So if you have computer equipment you no longer need, then we can always find it a good home where it will help students in rural schools learn digital skills.

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