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Conditions in schools in rural Ghana can pose significant problems for computers. Heat, dust (and even sand) and an intermittent electricity supply can make it difficult to ensure that computers are kept in good working condition.  It is not enough to equip schools with computers without adequate back up and so training at the time of installation and regular refreshers are essential.

Here are just a few examples of the training workshops we have run and some of the outcomes.

Training for Junior High School teachers at Prabon

This workshop was attended by headteachers and ICT teachers from 6 schools in the Ashanti region, near to Kumasi. The morning session covered the basic maintenance issues frequently encountered in our monitoring visits and allowed the opportunity for teachers to ask questions. The afternoon was spent on networking – something none of the teachers had previous experience of, but which was of great interest and the most effective way of ensuring that all computers are updated as we continue to develop our resources.

It is great to report that the training has resulted in fewer problems with maintenance and repair and a visit 1 year on shows that the computers are still in use – even if they would like more so that their students don’t have to share.

Training workshops at Kedzi

Kedzi ICCES is situated on the coast in the Volta region and serves as a training centre for the other ICCES in that region. It has a well set up computer laboratory and teaches ICT to all its students as part of the core curriculum. However, sand is a problem and the computers all need very regular maintenance. The timing of the workshop was also important as 8 ICCES in the Volta region received computers for the first time during this visit and we want to ensure that they are available for teaching and learning as much as possible.

Training workshops in Accra

2018 got off to a flying start with training for the ICT teachers of several Junior High Schools in Accra. They are now able to troubleshoot some of the computer problems that arise and are eager to attempt the repairs before The Turing Trust intervenes. Even when they can’t repair a problem, they can provide us with technical information that will help diagnose the problem and hasten the repair.  With the ICT teachers armed with knowledge of computer safety and maintenance, and coupled with the basic computer troubleshooting and repair skills, we can ensure a safe work space for students, well-maintained computer systems, and a reduction of repair work needed by The Turing Trust.

Training workshop in Accra, Ghana

Here is what some of the participants had to say about the training

My name is Kofi, the IT teacher at Konkunuru Primary School. I am blessed to be part of this training. I am very ready for the new term. Thanks for the training but please let this be a regular exercise

Joe is my name and I am very grateful for this training. There can’t be a better way to prepare for next term, thank you very much

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