Why Malawi?

Malawi is a densely populated country in Southern Africa and has a government committed to creating a technologically driven middle-income country by 2020.  Malawi is predominantly rural, with only 20% of the population living in urban areas. Access to digital technology is much harder in rural areas.

In today’s world, those who are not digitally literate cannot take advantage of the benefits modern technology is bringing to the world. In Malawi, only 10.4% of students in lower secondary school are getting access to IT in the classroom. While this appears to increase in upper secondary school, it is really due to a lower enrollment rate; as there are fewer students there are simply more PCs per student, meaning students are more likely to have the opportunity to use one.

So why is this important?

Without basic digital literacy, students cannot make the most of the online world, and the technology and development which has come about in the last few decades.  Imagine bookkeeping for your business without having access to the skills to do a quick spreadsheet, or trying to access information without the ability to search online for what you’re looking for. It’s time-consuming and that time could be better spent elsewhere.

Computer Use in Education in Malawi

The Turing Trust wants to ensure that all young people can access the information, technology and benefits of the digital age and are committed to helping students across Malawi do so. We want to enable young people to harness the benefits of technology to improve their education and support them in gaining the skills to do so. We want to make the resources teachers need available at their fingertips and enable them to continue doing what they already to so well: teaching young people.

Being based in Scotland it made perfect sense for us work in Malawi; the two countries have developed close ties over their 159 year relationship. With support from the Scottish Government and local community for work in Malawi, we are committed to bringing equal digital opportunity to students and young people across Malawi.

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