Our SolarBerry started its journey as a container in Edinburgh, transporting computers and accessories to Malawi. It arrived in Mzuzu in December 2016 and was initially used to store computers securely pending distribution to schools.

Local contracts were made to provide materials and labour and then the real work began.


The first step in the construction was to make a frame for the main doors and then fit them. They have been designed so that the lower half opens down to form a ramp, whilst the upper doors open outwards. All are secured on the inside to provide maximum security for the valuable IT kit when not in use.


The inside of the container was fitted with white boards supporting the 11 workstations, but also ensuring as much light as possible in the classroom.


The SolarBerry is now beginning to look more like a computer laboratory with the batteries and solar controller fitted, lights and sockets for each workstation wired up.

Training on Setting up Raspberry Pi Network

It is essential to equip the local team with the knowledge and skills to set up and run the Raspberry Pi network. Delivery of educational resources to the students and local community is dependent on a reliable network.

Solar powered computer labs have a great potential to give other communities in Malawi access to the digital age, so please do support our work. If you would like to keep up with the progress of the SolarBerry, then please sign up for our newsletter.


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