The SolarBerry in Choma

Our SolarBerry started its journey as a container in Edinburgh, transporting computers and accessories to Malawi. Initial construction work was done in Mzuzu and the SolarBerry made the journey to Choma in April 2018, where it was greeted with curiosity and great enthusiasm.

A team from the Turing Trust visited Malawi in June 2018 to work with the team from CYD to put the finishing touches to the SolarBerry in Choma. These included the shade cloth, fitting the solar panels, setting up the workstations and of course a final coat of paint.

The SolarBerry was handed over to the community in Choma on 22nd June, 2018. The formal ceremony demonstrated the commitment of all parties to ensure maximum benefit for the community from this innovative computer laboratory. The team highlighted some of the key aspects of the SolarBerry and the ways that it can benefit both the community and school pupils.

The teams from the Turing Trust and Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) will continue to support the community as they make use of the SolarBerry. It is vital to harness the enthusiasm of all those involved in this project to ensure that the vision of supporting young people to gain the digital skills they need is realised.

Solar powered computer labs have a great potential to give other communities in Malawi access to the digital age, so please do support our work. If you would like to keep up with the progress of the SolarBerry, then please sign up for our newsletter.


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