The UK

Every PC we put into a school in Africa is wiped, repaired and loaded with offline educational resources in the UK. This work is done by our fantastic team of dedicated volunteers in Edinburgh.

We have been working with local volunteers since 2014 and have dozens of local people complete our courses in IT maintenance and repair each year through over 10,000 hours of training activities each year. We have an ongoing relationship with the Department for Work and Pensions who recommend us to interested candidates, enabling us to support our local community through training and the provision of employable skills. Through this experience, we’ve built our understanding of what our volunteers need and have continuously improved our training to reflect this and provide as much local benefit as possible. Typically, our trainees find out about us at the JobCentre Plus and come from a range of backgrounds. In the last few years these have included; the long-term unemployed, vulnerable adults, those experiencing homelessness, individuals who have suffered serious illness, refugees and asylum seekers, those who have a mental or physical disability and military veterans. Our training is not entirely IT focused and includes softer skills such as communication, building professional networks, teamwork, problem solving, the ability to work under pressure and time management. All of this skill building comes together to increase our UK trainees employability that was recently exemplified by one of our trainees.

Andrew secured a job as a Systems Test Engineer at a local networking company after completing our training courses.

The opportunity at the Turing Trust to get plenty of hands-on experience as well as working with such a great range of varied ICT equipment meant that I was exposed to a vast amount of project work where our environment helped to facilitate learning by doing.

He also appreciated the opportunity to excel as our varied projects enabled him to rapidly take on new responsibilities.

Our volunteering programme has been designed to make sure that everyone is welcome. On average we have over 100 individual volunteers each year with a vast range of skill sets. These volunteers include a wide representation from people working at renowned companies in Edinburgh’s thriving tech industry as well as retired persons or students looking for work experience. We treat each trainee as an individual, and we tailor our approach to their technical ability and confidence level. We deliver as much training as is needed to get our volunteers up to a level where they can work on the donated IT equipment without supervision and we encourage trainees to work together to solve problems, learning from each other helping to build our local tech community.

Beyond the training opportunities we provide in Edinburgh we also support local UK-based organisations with ICT equipment. For example, we were delighted to support Code Your Future with a donation of laptops. Code Your Future is a fantastic organisation “supporting refugees with the dream of becoming developers.”

If you’d like to find out how to get involved with our work in the UK volunteer page.