The UK

Every PC we put into a school in Africa is wiped, repaired and loaded with offline educational resources in the UK. This work is done by our fantastic team of dedicated volunteers in Edinburgh.

We have been working with local volunteers since 2014 and in the last year, we have had 37 local people fully complete one of our courses in IT maintenance and repair. We have an ongoing relationship with the Department for Work and Pensions who recommend us to interested candidates, enabling us to support our local community through training and the provision of employable skills. Through this experience, we’ve built our understanding of what our volunteers need and have continuously improved our training to reflect this and provide as much local benefit as possible.


Our volunteers and trainees are made up of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and we make sure that everyone is welcome. We’ve worked with everyone from refugees to the long-term unemployed, retired persons, to students looking for work experience. We treat each trainee as an individual, and we tailor our approach to their technical ability and confidence level. We deliver as much training as is needed to get our volunteers up to a level where they can work on the donated IT equipment without supervision and we encourage trainees to work together to solve problems, learning from each other and, in doing so, aim to build a sense of community. In the last year, we have had over 100 individual volunteers, 11 of whom volunteer with us at least once or twice a week, with the remainder working with us on either a monthly basis or whenever we hold shipping days (usually quarterly).

“I’ve made friends here and feel very comfortable. I did the ‘Data Destruction and Wiping’ course with Andrew. He monitored me for a few weeks then I was free to work on my own. I like the Trust as I feel independent and have responsibility. It was such a kick, a real feeling of achievement, sending this stuff off and knowing we’re helping those kids in Africa. Even basic computer skills will enable them to find a job. I went to art college and my flat is furnished with up-cycled materials. I’m an old hippie so the recycling ethos of the Turing Trust is an extra bonus”

If you’d like to find out how to get involved with our work in the UK visit our volunteer page.