Donate IT Equipment

Individual donations of PCs / Laptops

Our friends at Keyrus, one of our generous corporate sponsors, have built a system called TuringTrack.

TuringTrack will guide you through the process of donating your computer, and will generate you a unique barcode that will allow you to track your computer's progress throughout its lifetime. We will let you know when your computer has been shipped, and where it has ended up.

All other donations of IT equipment

All other donations include:-
• individual donations of other IT equipment
• ALL bulk donations.
For details of what we accept, please click here

Please click on the button below to complete a donation form and we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss the best way to get your donation to us in Edinburgh.

Please note: if you are donating a laptop, we NEED the power supply as well.

What happens to my donation?

All donations are transported to our Edinburgh Hub where all PCs are wiped to industry standards and loaded with educational software.
Donations are then shipped to Africa and checked to be in working condition on arrival. They are transported to African schools to equip computer laboratories.
We ensure that the right skills and training are in place to use and maintain all donated equipment.

We cannot accept

• Any broken or non-working equipment
• IT Equipment more than 6 years old
• Digital cameras more than 5 years old
• Rack mounted servers
• CRT Monitors (the really large old ones with a deep back)
• Any white goods

Broken IT equipment

Our Terms and Conditions

  • Upon receipt of your donation Turing Trust will irretrievably destroy any data from your device if it is in a working condition.
  • However, Turing Trust is not liable for any losses associated with data loss and once we have received your equipment we will not be able to retrieve any data on your behalf.
  • Please note that if your donation is unable to be refurbished into a usable condition then usable parts will be removed and the remainder will be will be recycled for parts.
  • Some items that are donated to Turing Trust are resold where they are less suitable to be used in African schools. In these cases they are typically sold on our eBay charity store that helps us to collect Gift Aid, an extra 25%, from your donation.

Our Environmental Policy

The Turing Trust is dedicated to supporting sustainable development through the work that we do in the UK and in Africa. Our model of reusing IT ensures that your equipment lasts longer, reducing its environmental impact and makes sure that someone who needs the benefits of technology gets that chance.

We realise that at some point, almost all technology will reach its end of life and so ensure that we have appropriate waste management procedures in every country that we work in.

When the day comes that your computer has finally reached the end of its life it will be dismantled and recycled in the proper manner. Where possible we try to reuse equipment and have partnered with Lightyear foundation to support their practical science project known as Lab_13.

The students, who attend the lab throughout the weekend and during open-class on Saturdays, are given practical tasks. These involve using equipment like motors, fans, speakers to build projects which demonstrate their understanding of different science concepts. We are supporting the work of the Lightyear Foundation by providing them with parts that can be re-purposed then enhance these learning experiences.

E-waste that is not appropriate for re-purposing is stored by our partners to be processed in bulk volumes by a government authorised facility.

Lightyear foundation

Why does the Turing Trust focus on providing ICT resources?

Africa is undergoing a technological revolution, and digital environments are developing rapidly across the continent. This transformation is more prominent in urban than rural areas, but here at The Turing Trust we're determined to bridge this gap.

Our ultimate plan is to get a computer lab in every rural school in Ghana. We believe that IT can have its biggest impact in rural areas, and hope to bring the children of Ghana and other African countries into today’s information age by making use of your old technology.

Does the Turing Trust provide training?

We focus heavily on collections of useful equipment in the UK, but our projects in Ghana concentrate mainly on training to ensure that any equipment is used and maintained as effectively as possible. We run workshops teaching teachers, students and trainers how they can use IT. We would warmly welcome you if you wanted to get involved with training yourself. We work with many partner schools and organisation in Ghana, and could assist you to find an area where your skills would best fit.

Turing Trust training workshops

Do computers support self-learning?

Younger generations find ICT very intuitive to use, and providing resources can help students to invest their time in independent study. This was demonstrated by Sugata Mitra’s amazing ‘Hole in the wall’ project in India. Mitra installed free internet-connected computers in poorer areas across India. Within a short period of time the majority of the children in these areas were able to navigate the internet and use a computer, as well as becoming proficient in English. They were completely self-taught.

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