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Students in computer lab, Mphompha Community Day Secondary School

Our current focus is in Malawi where we have been working since 2015 to provide technology-enabled education across the country with our partners Computers for Enhanced Education (CEE).

Handover of SolarBerry to community at Choma

The SolarBerry is our off-grid computer laboratory powered by solar energy that delivers educational resources using low energy Raspberry Pi computers.

Volunteer refurbishes computer


Our activities stem from our base in Edinburgh where we teach trainees how to refurbish IT equipment.

Student using a laptop at Otaakrom ICCES, Ghana

Since 2009 we have installed computers across the continent with a several partners organisations.

Where are we based?

Our work begins at our workshop in Edinburgh where our incredible team of volunteers prepare donated IT equipment for use in classrooms. 

From here we supply our partners and schools with high-quality computers and IT equipment that enable digital learning for thousands of students. 

Do you have any IT equipment to donate?

Please help us to give even more students access to a digitally enabled education. Find out more here.

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