The Turing Trust supports education in sub-Saharan Africa by reusing computers and improving teacher training using ICT.

We provide skills development in the UK while reducing waste and contributing to an environmentally friendly society.

We have reused over 4,200 PCs enabling more than 41,000 students to gain a digital education.

With your help we can build a more inclusive digital future, ensuring that every school can teach ICT effectively.

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Our work in Africa

We have been delivering ICT resources to the ICCES (Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills) and selected Primary and Junior High Schools in Ghana since 2009. We started working in Malawi in partnership with the Centre for Youth and Development in Mzuzu in 2015 to provide technology-enabled education in schools in the Northern Region of Malawi and delivered our pilot SolarBerry to the community in Choma in June 2018.

Students celebrating the opening of the computer laboratory at Afoako ICCES

Over 4250 computers in classrooms

We have supported hundreds of schools in Ghana, Liberia and Malawi with computers.

More than 41,000 students impacted in Africa

We have directly supported thousands of students in Ghana and Malawi to become IT literate.

Over 530 teachers trained

We train teachers on basic computer maintenance and using computers to support their teaching.

Over 2500 tonnes of carbon saved

Our IT reuse programme continues to generate environmental benefits, with a lifetime total of waste diverted and reused of 69 tonnes, and carbon savings of 2,600 tonnes.