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At the Turing Trust, we are committed to our mission of empowering disadvantaged communities through information technology-enabled learning. While our primary focus is providing computers to secondary schools in Malawi, we also extend our support to individuals and projects in need of IT equipment worldwide. If you believe your project could benefit from our assistance, we invite you to review our application criteria and if suitable, follow the steps below to apply.

Eligibility Criteria:

Before submitting an application for IT devices from the Turing Trust, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

Your application must be submitted by a representative of a charity or a public body with a similar mission, such as a school.

You must be able to clearly demonstrate how the donated IT devices will contribute to educational outcomes via your project.

You must agree to adhere to our terms and conditions for equipment use.

Your project must meet one of these three criteria:

Applications must request a minimum of 20 devices. If you require fewer devices, we encourage you to collaborate with local charities and apply as a group, collectively seeking at least 20 devices.

You will be able to meet your educational goals using a device that meets our typical* specification for IT equipment listed below. 

As of July 2023 the typical* specification of a laptop or desktop PC we provide to applicants is as follows:

Please note that the specifications of IT equipment distributed to beneficiaries may be different to this. The specifications provided are only a guide to what equipment you might receive. If the equipment distributed by The Turing Trust does not meet your requirements please return it to the charity to be reused elsewhere.

Ready to Apply?

We are absolutely delighted to receive the wonderful donation of PCs which will make a substantial difference to the teaching and learning at Gumley House. As a girls’ school, we are particularly keen for our students to thrive in those careers where women are under-represented and these machines will support our students to achieve, particularly in computing, coding and media studies. The donated machines have been assigned to a classroom dedicated to computing, health and social care and for use by students with Special Educational Needs. The students have already become very energised by their presence and are keen to study with them. As Headteacher, these machines have come at a critical time – particularly when most of our devices were given out to families throughout the pandemic.

Stephen Byrne, Headteacher, Gumley House School


Who is eligible to apply for IT equipment from The Turing Trust?

We accept applications from representatives of charities or equivalent public bodies such as schools. Please review our eligibility criteria above for more details.

What is the process for applying for IT equipment?

The application process involves filling out our application form with relevant details about your project. After submission, we aim to review your application within 10 business days.

How long does it take to receive my equipment?

Processing times may vary due to demand, but we will provide you with an estimate of processing time as part of our response to your application if we can help meet your request.

What countries are eligible to receive IT equipment from The Turing Trust?

We primarily support projects in the UK and countries listed in the lowest 50 on the UN Human Development Index (HDI), or countries the UK Government considers to be of high or moderate fragility.

How many devices can I request in my application?

We have a minimum request of 20 devices. We encourage individuals seeking fewer devices to collaborate with local charities and apply as a group.

What are the specifications of the IT equipment provided by The Turing Trust?

The Turing Trust typically provides IT equipment that meets these demonstrative specifications to applicants. For laptops or desktop PCs, these specifications typically include a minimum of 120GB SSD or 250GB HDD, 8GB RAM, and processors ranging from 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 to 5th Generation i5 or 8th Generation i3. Tablets are typically equivalent to an iPad Air 2 or an equivalent Android device, while smartphones are akin to an iPhone 6 or equivalent Android device. It’s important to note that the actual specifications of the equipment distributed by The Turing Trust may vary. These specifications are here only to serve as a helpful guide, and in cases where the received equipment doesn’t meet your specific requirements, we request that you return it to us for reuse elsewhere.

Is there a cost associated with receiving IT equipment?

We are currently able to provide equipment free of charge in the UK only. We cannot support any shipping costs outside of the UK, and you will need to make your own shipping arrangements from Edinburgh, Scotland. As part of the application process, we kindly request that you provide your budget (in GBP) for the shipping of any potential computers.