What we do in Malawi

The Turing Trust connected with the Malawian based Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) in 2013 through a Scottish based charity, Malaptop. Part of our work for the CYD has been aiding the development of IT education and the resources available for schools.

Recently CYD completed a pilot study for The Turing Trust,  in partnership with Malaptop, in which 12 schools received laptops. This study demonstrated the potential for a large ICT skills development programme, particularly for the Northern Region of Malawi.

Our founder, James Turing, visited Malawi in 2014 and was impressed with the success of the projects to date. These have demonstrated convincingly that bringing IT into the classroom contributes to a broad education and equipping students with the skills they need to achieve their goals.

Scottish Government Grant awarded in March 2016 for a major new project

Improving ICT skills in rural Malawi, powered by renewable energy

The Turing Trust were delighted to be awarded a grant from the Scottish Government to support a major project in Malawi over the next 3 years. This project will include:

  • The creation of a customised e-library, focussed on the Malawian syllabi
  • The installation of 4000 PCs in 200 Malawian schools, enabling access to ICT for disadvantaged groups such as women and rural off-grid communities
  • Community engagement in the provision, use and maintenance of the donated IT equipment
  • The pilot of an innovative community owned model for an off-grid computer laboratory powered by solar energy - the SolarBerry
  • Improving access to lifelong learning opportunities for the wider community by enabling access to ICTs

Work has already started and we look forward to exciting developments over the coming months. If you are interested in hearing more about our progress, please sign up to receive our newsletter.

Huzma Yousaf and James Turing at the Turing Trust
Huzma Yousaf and James Turing at the Turing Trust
Huzma Yousaf and James Turing at the Turing Trust

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