We have been delivering ICT Resources to the ICCES (Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills) as well as Primary and Junior High Schools since our founder, James Turing, first travelled as a volunteer to Afoako ICCES, Ghana in 2009.

The ICCES (Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills), are vocational training colleges that teach practical skills to students ranging in age from 13-24. They come under the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

The ICCES system of schools was set up  to combat youth unemployment, rural-urban drift and contribute to the development of micro and small-scale enterprise among the youth. All students study core subjects (which include computer studies) as well as their vocational subject.

The catch, however, was that the students did not have access to a computer and were learning their computer studies from a blackboard. So James and Edmund  Pinto (Eddie), the centre manager at Afoako ICCES,  decided to rectify this. They started in a small way with donated laptops and plans for the construction of a dedicated computer laboratory at Afoako.

Although they started from small beginnings, James and Eddie recognised that enabling students in all the ICCES to access ICT resources was essential to allowing them to develop their skills and participate fully in the growing economy in Ghana. Building on some early successes in receiving donated ICT equipment in the UK, The Turing Trust continued to send more computers to the ICCES in Ghana as well as to some other schools. In doing so, Eddie’s role in the ICCES has increased and he was promoted to the Head of ICT at ICCES Head Office. 

Thanks to this partnership most ICCES now have a computer laboratory. There are a few ICCES that don’t have a computer laboratory yet. This is becuase they typically face challenges of securing an appropriate building or electricity. The map below shows the individual ICCES who have received computers from The Turing Trust. Thanks to the donations of thousands of computers in the UK, we have been able to install a total of 77 computer labs in ICCES and schools across Ghana. 

Do you have any IT equipment to donate?

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Find Out More About Our Work in Ghana

Eddie's Story
Edmund Pinto (Eddie) has been our Director in Ghana since the Turing Trust was founded in 2009.
The Afoako Story
James first went to Afoako ICCES in 2009 to help build a girls hostel. However, he soon realised that the ICCES needed computers – but they also needed a computer laboratory.
Tetrefu ICCES
Tetrefu ICCES celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. It is a well established ICCES with a commitment to teaching ICT.
Training Workshops
The Turing Trust is committed to ensuring all equipment is well maintained and run regular training workshops for ICT teachers to ensure they have the skills to do this.
MSc Students in Ghana
Students from Edinburgh University conducted their field research with our partner schools in 2018.
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Our Work

Handover of SolarBerry to community at Choma

Our community-owned, off-grid computer laboratory powered by solar energy and with low energy Raspberry Pi computers.

Volunteer refurbishing computers in Edinburgh


Our activities stem from our base in Edinburgh where we teach trainees how to refurbish IT equipment.

Mphompha Community Day Secondary School

Our current focus is in Malawi where we work with Centre for Youth and Development to provide technology-enabled education.