The Afoako Story

Afoako ICCES started as a single classroom in Jakobu, a town near Ashanti Bekwai. Eddie had worked hard to expand the ICCES and when James visited in 2009, they had moved to a new building out of town which now boasted 3 classrooms. James was there to help build a girls hostel so that students were able to stay at the ICCES rather than walk for several hours a day. However, it quickly became obvious that there was also a need to equip the ICCES with computers – it may seem difficult to believe, but students were being taught ICT using a blackboard.

It took a while, with the Turing Trust funding the materials and the students and their teachers providing the labour. The photos below date from 2013 and show the computer laboratory under construction.

The fully equipped computer laboratory was officially opened in 2015 – to the great delight of the students and the local community.

Since then it has been a showcase for the other ICCES in the Ashanti region used not only by the students at Afoako, but also to host meetings and training days.