BlackRock remote volunteering day

Our first remote volunteering day!

With all the challenges of lockdown and social distancing we haven’t been able to run our normal corporate volunteering days – but were delighted to work with Simba Muguwe from BlackRock to work out how we could organise a remote volunteering day – and it was fantastic! We decided to take the opportunity to use the volunteers’ skills to create presentations aligned with the Computer Studies curriculum in Malawi and to find resources relevant to the Mathematics syllabus in Malawi and upload them to Kolibri – the learning management platform we are using to deliver content offline in Malawi.

The day started with a brief introductory presentation, which included hearing from Sylvester Mtumbuku, one of the CYD team in Malawi, about our projects there and some of the challenges the schools face. This highlighted the importance of trying to ensure that good quality content is available offline for all those schools where we have set up computer labs.

The 7 volunteers from BlackRock were all up for the challenge and achieved a huge amount with some fantastic presentations and content covering the Mathematics syllabus for Form 1 uploaded to Kolibri.

A massive thanks to all the volunteers for their enthusiasm and hard work – it really made the day a great success. Feedback was very positive and there were also several useful tips on how we could build on this in the future.

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