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From TT Volunteer to Systems Engineer!

One of our long-standing volunteers, Andrew, who has been involved with all manner of work at the Turing Trust, has secured a new job as a Systems Test Engineer at a local networking company.

This is fantastic news, particularly so as many of the skills Andrew learnt and honed whilst supporting the Turing Trust will help in his new role and in helping to build their own professional networks. We are delighted to see the impact that our community of techies can have, helping each other to learn new skills.

Just before starting his new job Andrew mentioned that the opportunity at the Turing Trust to get plenty of hands-on experience as well as working with such a great range of varied ICT equipment meant that he was exposed to a vast amount of project work where our environment helped to facilitate learning by doing. He also appreciated the opportunity to excel as our varied projects enabled him to rapidly take on new responsibilities.

Whilst we will miss Andrew’s presence at the workshop during the week, we are delighted to see him flourish in a new professional capacity that we know just how ready he is for! Congratulations Andrew!