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3 Reasons to Embrace Corporate Volunteering Days

In today’s socially conscious world, a focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer just a nice to have, but rather something that many believe should be embedded within your working practices. 

Corporate volunteering days have proven to be an effective way for businesses to not only give back to the wider community but to engage with their employees, doing well by doing good. In this article, we’ll explore three reasons your company should consider incorporating it into your CSR strategy.

#1 Employee Engagement and Team Building

Think of corporate volunteering days as team-building days with a lasting positive impact – both within and outside of your organisation. By encouraging your employees to come together outside of their usual working environment and rally around a shared charitable cause, you’ll be facilitating collaboration and helping to strengthen team dynamics. These invaluable volunteering days help to foster authentic connections and break down barriers by bringing together people from across your organisation.

80% of employees believe corporate volunteering helps to strengthen their relationships with colleagues

By allowing your employees to take on new responsibilities that help to make a real impact, you’ll leave them feeling empowered, engaged and give them a real sense of purpose. And happy employees tend to be productive, satisfied employees who are committed to your company’s success!

“As part of the BlackRock Gives campaign, in which our employees dedicated 20,000 hours to supporting local charities this year, our Internal Audit team recently volunteered with The TuringTrust, which was a great success.

We chose the Turing Trust as we wanted to work with a local charity where our efforts would make a difference on a global scale.

We came away from the day with a real sense of accomplishment, having sorted and packed 350 items of donated computer equipment to send to Malawi in Africa. It was a great opportunity to get our employees out of the office for a good cause and the experience contributed to some fantastic team building.” – Mark Haynes, Director, BlackRock

#2 Corporate Reputation

In a world where reputation defines success, corporate volunteering can act as a powerful tool to bolster your brand image and improve public perception. By dedicating time and resources to support a charity like ours, you’ll demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental issues and show you are about more than just the bottom line.

77% of consumers are more inclined to use businesses that are committed to making the world a better place

We’re more than happy to share your volunteering efforts across our social channels to help amplify your positive impact and reinforcing your reputation as a socially responsible organisation.

#3 Making a Positive Impact on the Community

And, of course, there are the lasting benefits your volunteering days will bring to the wider community. When you volunteer with The Turing Trust, you’ll not only benefit those within the local community, you’ll have a lasting global impact on people and our planet. 

Corporate Volunteering at the Turing Trust

Volunteers are critical in enabling us to carry out our charitable mission. As such, we’re always keen to welcome new teams into our warehouse! A typical day could include…

  • Monitor Mission: prepare, package, box & count monitors 
  • Cable Heaven: prepare, package, box VGA/kettle leads
  • Mice/Keyboard Quest: prepare, package, box & count mice and keyboards
  • Laptop Journey: prepare, package, box & count laptops

To get the most out of the day, we’d recommend a 10am – 4pm shift, but with that being said, we’re completely flexible so if an alternative timeframe would better suit you, please let us know. 

“BlackRock were a huge help to our small warehouse team. What they achieved in one day would have taken us weeks. They accelerated our packing and prep so brilliantly, we brought forward the date of shipping the next Malawi container!” 

– Izzy Almond, Operations Manager

Corporate volunteering is a win-win proposition that benefits businesses, employees and society. If you’re interested in learning more about our volunteering days, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with Izzy, our Operations Manager, for more information.