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Growing computer literacy in Sierra Leone

As one of the world’s poorest countries, schools across Sierra Leone rely on donations like ours to bring computers to their classrooms and facilitate the development of IT skills among their future workforce. Save The Needy Sierra Leone is a charity seeking to promote lifelong opportunities through improving education. Your generous donations have enabled us to provide a number of computers to support their work and help students across Sierra Leone gain access to digital learning.

Students from Blessed Michael Tansi Secondary School (pictured below) are among those who have benefitted from your donations. 


Violet Lenger-Fofanah, Director at Save the Needy Sierra Leone, shares how your donated computers are supporting students across Sierra Leone:

“Sixty computers were received from The Turing Trust which have been distributed to three secondary schools within Western Rural and Bo District along with university students who cannot afford to buy their own computers. 

Following the success of the computing classes in secondary schools, we are now also supporting the learning of pupils across four primary schools within the Western Rural and Bo District, with several computers being transported between the schools each week. 

Since January, we have trained around 100 pupils aged 9-16 in basic computing. Both pupils and parents are happy to have the computer lab, and thanks to your support, more students are willing to have a career in computing.”

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our charity in recent years and made it possible for us to support organisations like Save The Needy Sierra Leone. 

If you have any unwanted computers, laptops, tablets or other devices, please head to our ‘Give Computers’ page for more information on how to donate.