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Supporting the Aid Pioneers

We’ve recently had the honour of supplying donated laptops to the Aid Pioneers to support their work across Lebanon. Their aim is to break down the structural barriers by providing a bridge between local communities and global supporters.

“By supporting, not imposing, we hope to tread a new path in development cooperation.

Aid Pioneers

Check out the feedback below to discover how your donated IT kit is being used! 

Use of laptops currently

“Five of the donated laptops will be used for administrative work, for example enabling teachers to connect to projectors. Fifteen of the laptops will be used to teach 650 children (grades 5-8) basic computer literacy, and a further ten will be used to teach high school students advanced skills such as coding.” – Sophie Heigel, Managing Director at Aid Pioneers e.V.

How the laptops fit into the school’s larger strategy

“Tuyoor al Amal, as well as many other refugee education providers across Lebanon, seek to train their students in digital and computer-based skills as they believe this to be one of the most realistic ways to find meaningful employment in the future. 

Due to the difficult legal context, Syrians are placed in Lebanon & learning digital skills and marketing them on the international job market may be one of the only ways to break through a vicious cycle of marginalisation and poverty. 

Aid Pioneers and Tuyoor al Amal are thus working on teaching computer-based skills (for which the laptops are vital), professional skills (soft skills around communication and work etiquette) and linking skilled graduates with international training and employment opportunities. All programmes build on the accessibility of functional laptops. Thus, the contribution of the Turing Trust was a critical enabler to the larger project.” – Sophie Heigel, Managing Director at Aid Pioneers e.V.

We look forward to receiving more updates as the project progresses! We’d like to extend a special thanks to everyone who has donated to The Turing Trust and helped to make our mission a reality. 

Find out more about donating your old IT kit here.