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Alan Turing wins BBC Icons

We are delighted that Alan Turing was voted the greatest and most influential figure of the 20th Century in the BBC Icons live final. He was up against some incredible people, but Chris Packham made a powerful case for science and for honouring a man whose achievements continue to play such a huge part in our lives today.

On hearing the news that Alan Turing had won the public vote, Chris Packham said:

This result was a plea for tolerance, for different minds, for different sexualities, for different colours and religions and that is what we need.

Going forward we are 1 species, 1 planet, we have 1 big problem and we need these scientists to help us.

He also hoped that this award would give others the confidence that they too can go out and change the world. A sentiment that Alan Turing would have agreed with.

At the Turing Trust we are proud to honour Alan Turing’s legacy by equipping schools in sub-Saharan Africa with reused computers. We are committed to trying to ensure that all can benefit from our digital age. There are still too many students in Africa who do not have access to computers in schools.

With your help we can have a significant impact, so that none are left behind. If you have any IT equipment you no longer use, then please get in touch.