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Atlas and the Turing Trust

Aberdeen-headquartered digital learning technologies company Atlas Knowledge has donated 58 computers to a charity which helps school children in remote communities of Africa to learn new skills.

The eLearning solutions provider is the first company from the oil and gas sector to work with The Turing Trust. The charity aims to bridge the digital divide in African nations by shipping IT equipment to the region to raise the skills base of pupils who would otherwise not have access to computers. Atlas has contributed the systems along with 10 additional flat screen monitors to benefit the trust’s partner organisations in Ghana and Malawi. The units will be uploaded with educational content before shipping so they can be utilised in rural areas where there is no internet connection.

The Turing Trust was founded in the name of renowned mathematician and World War Two Enigma codebreaker, Alan Turing, and works with rural schools to teach practical skills to students aged between 13 and 24. Partner schools act as vocational training colleges, known as Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills (ICCES). All donations of IT equipment are used to support education and sustainable development.

“As the leading global provider of eLearning solutions across safety critical industries, we understand the lasting impact of learning through modern technology and are fully supportive of the good work the Turing Trust does to encourage students in Africa to develop essential skills for their future. This region remains an important focus for us, with now more than 40 of our training partners operating there to ensure the workforce in the African countries remain safe through the uptake of courses such as the online refresher for IMIST (International Minimum Industry Training Standard), right across our portfolio of health and safety training and services. Earlier this year, Atlas held workshops in both Ghana and South Africa with training companies attending from across the region. Helping schools in Africa through The Turing Trust supports our company’s mission to make learning accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world and at any time.”

Harry van der Vossen, Atlas Chief Operating Officer

James Turing, director at The Turing Trust, said: “Donations of IT, like the fantastic donation from Atlas, mean that The Turing Trust can support the education of young people in Malawi and Ghana. Combined with our eLibrary and our current SolarBerry project, we are able to repurpose IT to have a lasting impact in urban and rural communities across Africa.”

The Turing Trust collects, processes and delivers used computers, tablets and cameras across Africa in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi. As well as IT donations, it seeks sponsorship to cover the costs of shipping and installation.

Current partner organisations include Reusing ITExpert AgentThe University of EdinburghBCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Border Crossing Media.