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Liberia with the YMCA

For the past three to four busy months Turing Trust has been working on filling a shipment of technology to be sent to Liberia. This will be Turing Trust’s third shipment this year to Africa and is happening in collaboration with YMCA Liberia, supported by  Y Care International. The computers will support YMCA computer literacy programs in Liberia. So far this year we have shipped to Ghana, Malawi and now Liberia.

The container was collected on the 24th July, 2017 and we cannot wait to see the positive impact this technology will have on the students it reaches. Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who dedicated their time to preparing the computers as well as the team of 13 people who loaded the shipping container in the rain! Luckily Turing Trust had some ponchos to keep everyone dry.

The shipment included just over 500 PCs, monitors, and mice. It also included over 1000 power cables, 900 keyboards and 600 VGA cables. Around 80 of those PCs had Rachel educational software downloaded onto them. The Rachel software allows for students to access numerous educational websites without needing to connect to the internet or pay fees. Other items that were included in the shipment were 3 printers (2 of which were large office laserjets), a box of spare DVD drives, and 40 DVI cables.

We look forward to starting work on our next project so we can continue to send technology to students in less privileged communities.