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Looking To Recycle Your Pre-loved Computers? Here Are 3 Reasons You Should Donate Them

We’re not looking to recycle your equipment, we want to reuse it! This has a huge environmental impact by keeping your old equipment living for longer. If you are looking to give your pre-loved computers a new lease of life, keep reading to discover why our charity is the perfect choice for your donation.

With technology constantly evolving, what was once considered to be a ‘high tech’ device may now be deemed as inadequate – but not for everyone. As the old saying goes: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Here at The Turing Trust, we pride ourselves on transforming pre-loved technology into new opportunities for people across the globe, helping to build a fairer, more sustainable future.

Below are just a few of the benefits donating your old computers can bring.

#1 Environmental benefits

Did you know a computer uses 50% of its lifecycle fossil fuels before it’s even switched on? Donating your pre-loved devices to a computer reuse charity like ours helps to ensure we get the most out of every device and reduces the need for a resource-heavy production process.

To put things in perspective, every computer we reuse creates enough embodied energy savings to power 16 televisions for a year! And with our IT reuse workshop being powered by 100% renewable energy, our computer reuse process is greener than most.

The IT equipment we were able to save in 2022 alone created equivalent carbon savings of 750 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is equal to planting 1,900 trees or offsetting the annual carbon footprints of 77 Britons.

What’s more, by ensuring your pre-loved electronic items are recycled and reused, you’ll be preventing toxic chemicals, such as lead, mercury and beryllium, from being released into the environment.

When your reused computer eventually reaches the end of its second life, we’ll ensure it’s properly recycled via our ISO-accredited downstream partners globally, meaning 0% of your e-waste goes to landfill. ​

#2 Protect your data

Simply deleting files from your old computers isn’t enough to ensure your personal data is safe. When you choose to recycle your old computers with our charity, you’ll unlock total peace of mind as we use the market-leading Blancco data erasure software. This means any private and personal data will be permanently wiped from your devices, beyond any means of recovery.

Blancco software is approved by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) national government data erasure standards. We provide transparency with data destruction certificates for HDDs, SSDs, mobile phones and tablets detailing the make, model and serial number of all devices that are erased.

On the occasion we encounter any hard disks that cannot be wiped, we’ll ensure these devices are physically destroyed.

#3 Social benefits

By recycling your pre-loved computers with our charity, you’ll be supporting organisations and individuals across the globe. On average, each PC we install in a computer laboratory will provide invaluable IT access for 18 students. This can have a significant impact on their futures, as typically, those with IT skills are able to increase their incomes by approximately 39%.

Donating your old technology to our charity also helps to create more opportunities for volunteers. Last year, we welcomed over 150 volunteers who contributed 7,500 hours of hard work. During this time they were able to develop new skills, gain valuable work experience, increase their employability and foster relationships with like-minded people from around their community.

Donating just one device can help to benefit people and our planet for years to come, so please do get involved if you have any computers or other technology ready to be recycled. Ready to donate? Visit our ‘Give Computers’ page to get started today or learn more about our computer donation process here!