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Catching Up With Care4Calais

Over the last few months, we’ve received some fantastic updates from some of the refugees and asylum seekers we’ve been privileged to support recently. Whilst we can’t imagine the challenges these families have faced after being forced to leave their homes, as a computer donation charity, we are truly honoured to be able play a small part in helping them rebuild their lives and digital futures.

Abdulla (holding his donated laptop) is now attending college online where needed as well as supporting his research projects. The pandemic has highlighted how vital digital access is for attending further education, so this donated laptop will really help to brighten Abdulla’s future.

Aziz has been using his donated laptop to start accessing English classes online, a crucial aspect of adjusting to life in the UK. He has also been able to use the laptop in developing his artistic talents where he’s working as a graphic artist. He mentioned how both of these aspects enabled by this digital access have really helped his mental health – something that shows just how vital bridging the digital divide can be.

Lastly, the young family featured here were thrilled that we were able to provide laptops for their older children who needed them for school. All their homework needs to be completed online and they were really struggling to do this using the one family phone they all had to share previously. They were absolutely over the moon!

These laptops have had a hugely significant effect on the recipients’ lives and have enabled them to partake in learning opportunities and enable them to be more independent. They are all very grateful for the laptops, as are we. Thank you to everyone who has donated their ‘old’ IT equipment to The Turing Trust and made this all possible. If you are looking to donate computers, head to our donation page to find out how you can get involved and help to transform lives with your old IT equipment.