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Free IT Support Over the Phone with Lloyds Bank

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Lloyds Bank to help bridge the digital divide in the UK and ensure that not only does everyone have access to a device, but also that they can gain the skills they need to use it effectively. Now we can go beyond supplying equipment and also ensure that all those who receive devices can access help and support to gain confidence in using them.

The Turing Trust partnership with Lloyds Bank Digital Helpline

As part of our device donation project, we have a partnership with the Lloyds Bank Digital Helpline to allow the adults in the home (over 18s) receiving the device to learn how they can make the most out of using the internet for a range of skills including:

  • Setting up a device, creating an email address and keeping yourself and your family safe online
  • Using the internet to stay socially connected including video calling and social media
  • Accessing essential services online such as food shopping, GP appointments and the news
  • Using key employability tools such as LinkedIn or accessing Universal Credit online

Lloyds offer this service through We Are Digital to help people learn how to access essential online services whilst staying safe at home.

How to access free IT support

If you would like more information about this service or know of anybody who might benefit from it, please download this letter with further details.

We need your help to bridge the digital divide

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital access and the fundamental part it plays in society today. However, it has also made us aware that many do not have access to the devices or skills that so many of us take for granted. This is true in the UK, and also in many other countries such as Malawi where we also work.

So, please help us to support those who need our help. If you have any ICT equipment you no longer need, then please get in touch.

Give Computers call to action with link to Give Computers page