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From Turing Trust Volunteer to Cloud Software Engineer

We have got some wonderful news to share. One of our team, who started volunteering with us in May 2018, has recently secured a new job at Tesco as a Cloud Software Engineer!

Over the last few months Ron has made a tremendous impact at the Turing Trust. Ron has developed a wide range of IT skills with the Turing Trust, helping us in all manner of ways. After Ron went through our initial training scheme it was clear that he had serious potential and some fantastic abilities. This is perhaps best demonstrated by his recent work in providing tech support for most of our volunteers – going from trainee to trainer in a very short time!

More than this Ron has also been instrumental in administering our network, getting involved with maintenance and system design as well as sales. Over his short time with the Turing Trust we are delighted to have seen Ron truly flourish and gain a great job at a local tech company where he will continue to develop his career in tech.

Of course, we will miss Ron being in the workshop every week but are delighted that he is moving onto bigger things in a new professional capacity. Congratulations Ron!