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Our 40ft container has arrived in Malawi

We are delighted to share the news that our 40ft container, with over 1300 computers, has arrived safely in Malawi. The container left our premises in Edinburgh at the end of February, taking 12 weeks to arrive at its destination. The baton now passes to our amazing partners in Malawi, Centre for Youth and Development.

The team were ready and waiting for the container to arrive and a fantastic team of staff and volunteers made light work of unloading it.

Check out the video of the human chain in action here.

The team will now be testing all the kit before deploying it in schools. The computers in this shipment will benefit tens of thousands of students, helping them to learn digital skills but also giving then access to a wealth of information to support their studies in all subjects.

Thanks to all those in the UK who have helped us to send these computers to Malawi – we look forward to updating you as they are deployed in schools in Malawi.