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Supporting Gunjur Project Association (GPA) Community Hub

The Gunjur Project Association (GPA) is a UK-registered charity that works to develop a rural area of The Gambia by introducing locally sustainable projects in education, health and environment, along with supporting community-led initiatives.

Approximately 40% of the adult population in The Gambia is illiterate. And with challenges such as low waged labour, unemployment and a lack of free education, many now rely on charities like the Gunjur Project Association to support their development. 

In 2020, GPA opened a Community Hub, offering access to electricity, running water, a library, computer rooms and more! This purpose-built centre hosts a range of sessions designed to educate and support local communities, including weekend study classes for primary students, community catering workshops, a women’s literacy group, health awareness programmes and IT support sessions. 

We are honoured to be able to support the work of the Gunjur Project Association by providing laptops for use within their Community Hub and have recently received some fantastic feedback from students who have benefitted from your computer donations.

Bai Falang Sarr is a Gunjur Project Association sponsored student who has been an outstanding volunteer for GPA. Having trained as a nurse assistant, he chose to return to his studies to become better qualified to ensure his community has access to good healthcare. 

Bai is now entering the final stages of his degree and is hoping to complete his masters and become a microbiologist. He is currently the coordinator of GPA’s eye project, helping hundreds of people gain access to quality eye care, and is also a founding member of Gunjur Youths for Health, which educates people about silent killers, such as diabetes, and offers free screening and dietary advice. 

“Having a personal laptop means I can pay close attention to my work and assignments in school without any interference. The laptop has not only improved my quality of work but has also helped me deliver my projects on time and organise my workload accordingly.

I’m truly aware of the greater responsibility set upon my shoulders after completing my studies, and once again, I thank you for your support.”

Your donations have helped to support Bai’s work and ensure he has access to the right resources to complete his education and continue to support communities across The Gambia. 

Isatou Bojang is another student who has been given access to vital resources thanks to your donations. Like Bai, she is studying microbiology with the hopes of educating those living within rural communities and supporting them to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Her vision is to aid communities to further understand the impact of microbes in the world and with the help of GPA, she is on track to do just that.

I am writing this letter to express my firm gratitude for this amazing opportunity you have provided me with by issuing me a personal laptop for my studies. It’s helped me improve my work and allows me to spend more time conducting research.

Thank you again for your generosity and support.”

We’re proud to partner with organisations like the Gunjur Project Association, who ensure your donated IT kit has a positive impact on many. If you would like to donate your pre-loved laptops, computers and other technology to help us support more charities like GPA, please head to our ‘Give Computers’ page to find out more!