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Supporting the Coram Young Citizens Project

We recently donated laptops to the Coram Young Citizens project, a programme designed to support young people aged 16-25 from migrant and refugee backgrounds.  

The majority of the programme’s beneficiaries live alone in the UK and struggle to support themselves financially, often relying on a minimal allowance from the Home Office. Those who are eligible to work are doing so alongside their studies, which has again proven to be difficult, with many lacking access to vital resources needed to support their projects.

With several young refugees relying on online classes, not having access to a computer really held them back and made studying tricky. Now, thanks to your donations, they are able to participate in their chosen courses and support their job searches. 

“I have been having to do job interviews on my phone. If a phone call came in, it would stop my screen in the middle of the interview. I was thinking: I need a laptop so badly. Now, I have no excuse – I’ll be on Indeed first thing tomorrow!”

Thank you once again for continuing to donate to our charity so we can support projects like Coram Young Citizens across the globe! Looking to get involved? Get started with your next donation here or explore our current volunteering opportunities here.