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Mineke Foundation Update

We’ve recently received some fantastic updates from the Mineke Foundation, highlighting the impact your donated computers have made in Liberia. With the help of your old IT kit, the Mineke Foundation have successfully launched a computer lab and resource centre which have gone on to support various training programmes for children and youth.

Keep reading to explore some of the highlights & discover the impact your donated PCs have had.

  • With the help of your donated tech, Mineke Foundation was able to launch their Resource Centre in 2021, helping young people aged 15 – 35 to improve their position in the labour market.
  •  The Resource Centre runs a range of workshops, including a digital skills training course, a ‘Work Readiness’ programme and homework assistance & exam training.
  • Results so far include:
    • 20 youths completed Mineke Foundation’s Work Readiness programme.
    • 80 young people have gained new digital skills and improved their position in the labour market.
  • In 2021, Mineke Foundation was also able to begin renovating The Damiefa School, helping to provide computer education to approximately 40 children several times a week.
Mineke Foundation Update - child using donated laptop

Whilst the results so far have been amazing, there is still a way to go. Help us support the work of nonprofits like the Mineke Foundation by donating your pre-loved laptops, computers and more. Head to our donate PCs page to get involved.