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Computer Donation Update | BOSH: Bristol Outreach Services for the Homeless

We’ve received some great feedback from BOSH: Bristol Outreach Services for the Homeless, one of the UK charities your donated laptops have benefitted. The feedback below highlights just a few of the ways your generous computer donations are being used by the charity.

“We would like to thank the Turing trust for their excellent donations to our charity for the homeless. The impact these donations are having is heartening to see first-hand.

Service users are engaging very positively with the machines, with many exploring the offline pre-installed learning materials with great interest.

These laptops are open for access to our local homeless community alongside specialist walk-in sessions that aim to build up basic computer skills, literacy skills, CV creation, benefits applications and assistance programs that can be enrolled online, where so much of today’s services lie.

We also look forward to conducting digital art sessions which already clients are eager to participate in. The local constabulary, council services and drugs/alt programme charities have all toured the new premises with great hope and a strong first impression for the long tail in the services being offered.

The impact our PC access area and the machines themselves can have are extremely important to the end goal here. Giving people the ability to skill up technically, technologically and practically in 2022 requires a computer and online literacy.

We hope in the long term this will help dent homelessness rates, employment levels and mental wellbeing in our city centre, no matter how small or big that may be.”

Adam D, Administrator.

We want to thank all of our donors for enabling us to support the work of charities like BOSH. If you are looking to give your old computers or tech a new lease of life, head to our donate computers page to find out how to get involved.