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The Turing Trust at Barclays Technology Centre Fun Day

What a fantastic day! The sun shone powering the mock up SolarBerry. There were several developments to show off this year – spot the small standalone solar panel running a Raspberry Pi. Within the old cricket hut the solar panels were charging the batteries running two Pi networks – allowing passers-by to access a vast amount of content on their phones. It was a real sense of achievement to be able to show photos of the Turing Trust pilot SolarBerry in situ in Choma, Malawi – already providing benefit to the local community.

It was great to be introduced to Salome Eric of the Baobab Tree Trust and hear about her vision for digital inclusion in Zimbabwe. It is inspiring to meet others who are also passionate about ensuring communities in Africa are not left behind and whose goals are so closely aligned to ours.

So many thanks to Shanti and Owen for their staunch support of the Turing Trust and for putting us forward to be one of the sponsored charities for the Fun Day. The team who organised the Fun Day were amazing – we really appreciate the amount of work that went into making this such a successful day.