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A New Year Brings New Beginnings For Volunteer Richard

Having volunteered at the Turing Trust for the past year, Richard has now landed his dream job as a Data Engineering Consultant, so we sat down with him to find out a bit more about his journey into the IT sector and his experience as a volunteer.  

So, Richard, what initially encouraged you to volunteer at the Turing Trust?

I had recently completed my degree in Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics and thought that volunteering would be a good thing to do alongside looking for work.

Not only would it allow me to put my skills into practice whilst giving something back, but it was also a volunteering opportunity that sat nicely within my interests in IT.

Can you tell us a bit more about your background and what your journey into IT has been like?

After I’d finished university, I was looking into a variety of jobs, so I was really glad when I managed to secure my current role which is IT-focused. 

I’m now working at the FDM Group in Edinburgh as a Data Engineering Consultant, and this is my first job in IT – after volunteering at The Turing Trust, of course! 

What did you learn/gain from volunteering at The Turing Trust?

Well, as my job is in Data Engineering, there wasn’t too much that translated over in terms of the more technical aspects, but there are still lots of similar working practices that I’ve brought over. 

So I mean, working in a team and learning new organisational processes and practices. But perhaps the best bit of my experience from volunteering at The Turing Trust was getting the chance to take on responsibility for specific projects and tasks and getting used to being a self-starter.

Anything you’d like to share to encourage other people to think about volunteering with us?

I thought it was a great way to meet people and do some useful things in a productive environment. Whilst I was looking for work, it also really helped to have something to focus on and to see some tangible benefits. It really helped me feel like I was contributing and achieving things whilst taking time to find my ideal job and the next step in my career path. 

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