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Computers For Enhanced Education (CEE)

New Partnership: Computers For Enhanced Education

We have made great progress in Malawi since our programme began in 2016, increasing the proportion of schools with computers significantly. When we started our work only 3% of schools had access to IT equipment. By the end of 2021, we had installed 162 computer labs, which is equivalent to 81% of secondary schools in the Northern Region of Malawi!

Throughout 2022, we have continued to make substantial progress towards our goal of ensuring every secondary school in Malawi has adequate access to IT facilities.

Following the opening of our Lilongwe office in 2020, we will shortly be opening our third office in Blantyre to support our programme. In doing so, we’ve also taken an exciting next step in establishing a partnership with a new charity partner in Malawi – Computers For Enhanced Education (CEE). Following the success of our work over the years with the Centre for Youth and Development in Mzuzu, we have taken a leap and helped to establish Computers For Enhanced Education to enable us to accelerate our Malawian projects.

Working with our established Malawian team under the new organisation, Computers For Enhanced Education, we look forward to some very exciting years ahead with many thousands more computers being installed in classrooms across the country!

If you want to support our exciting new partnership, head to our donate computers page to learn how we can help you to recycle your old laptops and tech and bring new hope to students across Malawi.