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Forth Valley Welcome | An Update On Your Donated Laptops

We recently donated some laptops to Forth Valley Welcome, a charity that helps refugees adapt to life in their new communities, to support their mission and enable more ‘new Scots’ to integrate confidently into their new homes.

We’ve received some fantastic feedback from the charity, who has already helped dozens of refugees settle into their new homes with the help of your donated laptops. Here are a few examples to show how your donated IT kit is being used:

“Battoul has a hectic home life raising her four children. This laptop will help her engage in English lessons and practise with online resources at home.”

Forth Valley Welcome

“Valeriia is studying analytics and statistics and needed a laptop to do her work. She also uses the laptop to practise her English. Until now, she has been using her phone, which is just too small to make significant progress with her learning.”

Forth Valley Welcome

“I’m self-employed and work as a forester. Since I work all over the world, I need to process maps of forests and fields. I needed a laptop to work with these maps. It will also help to communicate with English teachers and parents.” 


“I have a son who has autism. I signed up for online courses because I can’t travel to college as my son requires constant attention. We needed a laptop to learn the language.” 


We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated computers to The Turing Trust and enabled us to support amazing organisations like Forth Valley Welcome. If you want to give your old IT kit a new lease of life and help us to open new opportunities to people across the globe, be sure to check out our give computers page to learn more.