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Supporting the EASE Project

We’ve been working with the University of Strathclyde and United Purpose on their EASE Project, which is helping to provide solar-powered IT facilities to Ntandamula Primary school in the village of Mthembanji, Malawi. 

This project has allowed us to see how different devices can be used to support a number of outcomes in primary education in Malawi. We have been really pleased to see how quickly both the teachers and students have progressed as a result of the eLearning resources installed on the doanted tablets we have provided. 

There have been some remarkable outcomes since the project began, including the number of primary school pupils graduating from primary school and entering secondary school increasing from 7 to 38 – a more than 5-fold increase! 

These results are a testament to the improved learning opportunities that have been made possible at Ntandamula alongside the new solar power resources. The school has since been offering evening classes, and children have also had the opportunity to spend more time studying at home after dark. The community have also reported an increase in the accessibility of news and health information. 

You can see some of their work in action below.

Our thanks go out to all the donors who have made this project possible and to our partners for all their hard work in bringing it to fruition. 

If you would like to help our computer donation charity support more projects like this, please head to our donate computers page to learn how to recycle your old technology or check out our how to help page for more ways to get involved.