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Maintenance and Safety Workshops in Ghana

Our first site visits this academic year took us to Prabon JHS and Primary School, Akwaduo JHS and Primary School and Tetrefu ICCES Centre. There was clear evidence of positive impact the ICT training workshops we held last academic year have had.

Repairing computers at Tetrefu ICCES

The ICT teachers are now able to troubleshoot some of the basic issues computers often have, and the teachers are even undertaking the repairs without the Turing Trust’s intervention. When they can’t repair some of the faults, they provide us with the technical information that we need to speed up the repair work.  With the ICT teachers now armed with knowledge of computer safety and maintenance, coupled with the basic computer troubleshooting and repair skills, the students now have a safe lab, well maintained computer systems, and has been a reduction in the repair work needed to be performed by the Turing Trust. Not only that, at Tetrefu ICCES, the ICT teacher is also passing on his skills to his students. This will give them valuable experience and perhaps inspire some to consider this as a possible career.

“These projects and all the work of the Turing Trust would not be possible without the generous donations. Thank you very much for everything that has been contributed, we and all of the students are very grateful.”

Edmund Pinto, Head of ICT, ICCES Head Office